Values & Philosophy

Private Bankers, Mourgue d’Algue & Cie place particular importance on the private and discrete character of their Establishment, offering their clients a personal attention no matter the size of the assets entrusted to them.

The partners insist on the quality of the services for a private clientele that wishes to ensure, through the years, a relationship based on trust with its bankers. The size of the bank allows the preservation of the private nature of these relationships, thus providing the confidentiality and trust required by its clients, in the Swiss banking tradition.

Our Services

Mourgue d'Algue & Cie

Private Bankers since 1869

Our Services

We adhere to the following values and philosophy:

  • All clients have access to the partners
  • Unequalled standards of confidentiality and privacy
  • Staff loyalty
  • Preservation of the Swiss identity
  • Accountability: the Partners have full and unlimited liability
  • Strict risk control: no proprietary trading, no commercial credit
  • Focus on the quality of services to our clientele
  • Transparent and understandable portfolio management